¿Who we are?

We opened our doors in 2019, in order to provide the best industrial maintenance service for our customers always providing quality standards. At R&R Sermaind, we are here to provide the best service and quality in industrial services.


Satisfy the needs of our clients by offering a professional, technical and comprehensive solution.


Being a company that stands out for quality integrates in each of its projects, guaranteeing full customer satisfaction, thus achieving, continuing to establish ourselves in the leadership of the market for which, managers and workers work under defined goals and objectives.


Excellence, efficiency, integrity, commitment, responsibility, loyalty, confidentiality.



Development and construction in all its stages and remodeling in general for both residential, industrial and commercial business.


We provide general plumbing service for residential, industrial and commercial business.

Electrical installations

Maintenance and installation of ground systems, networks, high and low voltage electrical substations, generators of all capacities.

Air Conditioning

Maintenance, insulation, cleaning, calculation of thermal loads, everything necessary to make the life of the A/C last much longer.

Injection and extraction ducts

We do the maintenance and installation of all types and capacities of extraction and injection systems.

Traveling cranes and hoists

We carry out the manufacture and installation of traveling cranes, as well as the repair and maintenance of hoists.

Industrial maintenance

We carry out maintenance of industrial machinery so that the useful life is extended.

Repair of machinery and industrial equipment

 Depending on the client, the repairs of the machines and equipment are carried out so that their performance is optimal.


For cleaning equipment to remove and isolate components from oxidation and improve equipment life.



  • Construction in all its stages for industry and individuals.
  • Development of executive projects.
  • Earthwork and topographic paving.
  • Design, calculation and manufacture of metal structure.
  • Industrial, commercial, residential and special paint application.
  • Waterproofing applications of all kinds.
  • False walls and ceilings.
  • Isolations and buildings.
  • Hydraulic and sanitary installations.

Electrical installations

  • Loads calculation.
  • Maintenance to substations.
  • Physical land system.
  • Automation of an electrical control.
  • Lighting for energy saving.
  • Maintenance to power plants.
  • Study of loads to save energy

Installation and maintenance of air conditioners

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Calculation of thermal loads and ventilation, industrial and residential.
  • Sale of equipment and accessories.
  • Thermal insulation in all types of ductwork.
  • Extraction ducts.

Logistics services

  • Movement and installation of production lines.
  • Construction machinery rental.
    Pneumatic installations.

Industrial equipment

  • Ramps for loading and unloading.
  • Curtains of all kinds.
  • Industrial doors, anti-fire.
  • Accessories for your inputs and outputs.


  • For cleaning equipment to remove and isolate components from oxidation and improve equipment life.


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